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10th European Algae Industry Summit 2020 Reykjavik IS

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10th European Algae Industry Summit 2020 Reykjavik IS

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Reykjavik, IS, 2020 Oct 20-21. 10th European Algae Industry Summit.

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ACI (2020-10-20) MitoGlobal

Abstract: 10th European Algae Industry Summit, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2020

Important information

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 24 March 2020, 17:00
ACI’s 10th European Algae Industry Summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, originally scheduled to take place on 29-30 April, has been postponed to October.

General information

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Grand Hotel Reykjavik
Sigtun 38
Reykjavik, 105 Iceland
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  • Syed Isa Syed Alwi, Group CEO, Algaetech Group Of Companies
  • Olivier Lépine, Managing Director, AlgoSource
  • Alexandra Mosch, Vice President, EABA
  • Silvia Fluch, Managing Partner & COO, Ecoduna
  • Carlos Unamunzaga Escosura, General Manager, Fitoplancton Marino
  • Jean-Paul Cadoret, President of EABA
  • Vincent Usache, General Manager, Microphyt


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