Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development 2021 Virtual

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Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development 2021 Virtual

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Mitochondria Targeted Therapeutics
Virtual , 2021 Apr 27-29. Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development Summit


hansonwade (2021-04-27) MitoGlobal

Abstract: Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development Summit, Digital, 2021.

General information

The Digital Mitochondria-Targeted Drug Development Summit is the only industry-led meeting focused on end-to-end mitochondria-targeting. Explore success stories from leading experts overcoming common challenges whilst exploring what’s next to help you accelerate your pipeline into the clinic.
Make this your 2021 must-attend meeting and network with 80+ senior CSOs, CEOs, research scientists, academics and investors committed to targeting mitochondria to tackle challenges with Mitochondrial & Age-related Diseases.
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Hanson Wade
Mail: [email protected]


Our 25+ expert speakers include:
  • Douglas Wallace, Pediatric Mitochondrial Medicine & Metabolic Disease, Center for Mitochondrial & Epigenomic Medicine & University of Pennsylvania
  • Magali Taiel, GenSight Biologics
  • Mike Murphy, University of Cambridge
  • Steven Engle, CohBar Inc
  • John Geisler, Mitochon Pharmaceuticals
  • Paul Thompson, MISSION Therapeutics
  • Reenie McCarthy, Stealth BioTherapeutics
See the full list of speakers here

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