Movement and Cognition 2020 Paris FR

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Movement and Cognition 2020 Paris FR

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Paris, FR, 2020 Sep 3-5. World conference on Movement and Cognition.

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MOVEMENT-2020 (2020-09-03) MitoGlobal

Abstract: 2020 World conference on Movement and Cognition, Paris, France, 2020

General information

The purpose of the conference is to share knowledge on the relation of human movement to cognitive function. Among the focus areas of the conference include applications for:
Rehabilitation and therapeutics, sport, motor learning, brain-behavior relationships, gait and cognition, and dance. We are also focusing this time on female cognitive movement interaction, the aging brain and gerontology, treatment of traumatic brain injury, neonatal, infant and child development and ergonomics all in the context of movement and cogn ition.
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La Sorbonne University
University website
Paris, France



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