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Talk:MitoEAGLE flyer

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  1. Please give a brief outline of the main points you would like to cover in the Impact article.
  2. Can you explain the importance of studying mitochondrial physiology in current biomedical research? What is the main goal of MitoEagle?
  3. Can you talk a little about the different research scopes within MitoEagle? What can these different parameters – Environment, Age, Lifestyle, and especially Gender and Evolution – tell us about mitochondrial physiology?
  4. Mitochondrial dysfunction is considered to be the starting point of many diseases. What is the pathophysiological spectrum of conditions that you expect to target within the project?
  5. How can MitoEagle’s parameters be translatable into a concrete medical diagnosis?
  6. How are you planning to standardize research methods within MitoEagle’s consortium? What are the expected results, and costs, of doing so?
  7. Can you talk about the partnerships and funding you established within MitoEagle’s scope? How will they contribute to the project’s success?
  8. MitoFit was pointed out as a way to engage our scientific community in this project. What kind of activities will be developed in this camp?
  9. Are you planning to test or implement any novel technologies through MitoFit?
  10. Do you consider that the first MitoFit camp was a fruitful endeavor? What is the next step in this regard?
  11. How important is it to promote an open communication among experient and young researchers alike? In what ways will MitoEagle contribute to establish this link?
  12. Which are the major challenges you expect to encounter while promoting research efforts with MitoEagle?
  13. What do you consider to be MitoEagle’s impact in the future?
  14. Do you have any upcoming info releases, conferences, publications scheduled to make the knowledge gathered known to the scientific communities, and public in general?
  15. Please feel free to add any other information or comments that you think are important.

Comment from experience

  • Chris KNIGHT (UK), Chair of COST Action DairyCare: 'Impact' have been very efficient and have, so far, delivered exactly what was promised including responding promptly to our revisions. The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and since our article has not yet appeared in print in the actual Impact publication I cannot comment on how accurate the word “impact” actually is. They have an extensive circulation list and I am confident of a good “political” outcome at EU level. However, I am less optimistic about the “stakeholder dissemination” result, but we factored that in from the start. They may be closer to your stakeholders than ours, of course. - Hope this helps, and good luck with MitoEAGLE. Anything we can do to help, just let us know. By now, we have considerable experience of COST and the practical aspects of meeting organisation etc

Comments from the Core Group

  • Labieniec-Watala M: I have just read the summary concerning your talks with Mr Brake and in my opinion the 'Impact' is a very good choice for our needs. Having only 2,500 EUR we get in return quite a lot.
  • Krako N: To me, this opportunity looks very nice. I came across the journal 'Impact' few times in the past and it looks really attractive. I do not know any better journal of that type. E-vote by the MC members for the final decision is fine. - In fact the journal exists only last 7 months, and the latest number is the first number - May 2016. However it still does look very attractive and professionally written, but do we have a guarantee that it will reach all mentioned stakeholders?
  • Calabria E: It sounds as a really good opportunity for dissemination proposes, I also have no knowledge of superior alternatives, and time runs. It appears that they have also a wide target. Definitely I would take this opportunity, and if any help is needed I’d be happy to contribute. Let’s go for the E-vote. - Unfortunately here in Verona we do not have it in the catalogue, and I never seen a paper issue of it.
  • Garcia-Roves PM: I have taken a look to the information related to IMPACT and in my opinion it seems an excellent initiative as a starting point for dissemination. We can get a nice overview of our action and a valuable and well prepare flyer for future dissemination activities. - If the editors of IMPACT do what they offer I am happy with it. We will get a high quality flyer to disseminate our action in the future. We should get a consensus to move ahead or clear alternatives that could be accomplished in due time.
  • Makrecka-Kuka M: As a start of dissemination this opportunity looks great. --- Yes, Impact is business. We can agree now, or keep it in mind for further dissemination. Anyway, I will contact more experienced Impact alternatives=journals with longer history (horizon2020 projects, international innovation etc.) just to get an information to keep in mind, that we can think about in future. The dissemination through magazines, despite the business beyond, is not so bad thing. I think we can keep it mind for next grant period.The primary things for this grant period are website and flyers. I think the priority is to create and sustain great website. Flyers, to my opinion, is a little bit secondary thing - but also important, especially, for future meetings and so on. It is easy way to give the information (less texts, but the most essential information =take home message for people is there). From user side - I would prefer flyers than brochures. Despite the attractive offer from Impact, the action promotion in project magazines can wait a little bit, because, to my opinion, right now it is more important to set the basis for dissemination (if it is necessary I think we can enlarge website budget by cutting down flyer budget). Suresh's offer to prepare publication about project for Biogerontology is great. In addition, I can have a look in other specialized journals, that also might be interested in our project, and contact with them for the possibilities of dissemination.
  • Rattan S: This so-called "offer" of publishing about our actions in Impact is purely a business push by some people who claim that they have a big audience/readership. Such guys have also tried to convince me that they will publicise us if we pay them. I don't think COST actions need such commercial publicity. One thing that can surely be done is to publish about the new action in appropriate academic journals. We reecently did exactly that by publishing an article about our Horizon2020 project AwE (see attached pdf). Perhaps something similar can be done for MitoEAGLE. I am willing to consider such an article for my journal Biogerontology. The article can be written under the names of all WP-leaders and any other member(s). At least the ageing-research community will be made aware of that, and will surely be interested.
  • Schlattner U The offer sounds good to me. The company certainly has expertise related to PR for European projects. The journal articles look good, for the flyer I would prefer less text and more graphical elements. As to the pricing I cannot say a lot, since my only experience is with university and these are subventioned prices. As compared to publication fees in scientific journals, the pricing seems acceptable.
  • Moisoi N I think the approach of outsourcing this to ‘Impact’ is very good. We can have an e-vote to make sure there is a common view on that. Or may be a vote on the final version would be a simpler option. In terms of content of the flyer I think that a split of topics to cover 1) impact of the data collection/integration/harmonization 2) impact of monitoring disease/age related mitochondrial dysfunction 3) impact of training and networking activities would increase the ‘overall success’ of the dissemination activity covering a wide category of interests.

Impact offer

Information from Mr. Nick Brake, Director, Science Impact Ltd -
        • Feb 2017 issue of "Impact"
  • For the Feb 2017 issue of "Impact" an article and brochure can be created for the COST Action MitoEAGLE. This issue is planned with a focus on health and medical research.
  • "Impact" is a series of high-quality, open access and free to access science reports designed to enable the dissemination of research impact to key stakeholders. The publication features content from the world’s leading research agencies, policy groups, universities and research projects. Impact is published under a CC-BY-NC Creative Commons licence.
  • "Science Impact" is created by an award winning team of leading science communication staff with decades of combined experience publishing academic books, papers and broad science publications, the team has worked with over 5,000 research projects to help disseminate "Impact" and facilitate outreach.
        • Examples
        • Production process
  • You can view more information on the process to produce the article here:
  1. One page interview with the Action Chair and 2-3 other partners, conducted via email over the next 3 months.
  2. Two page article on the project written and designed by the editorial team at Science Impact over the next 3 months.
  3. Full colour graphics and images created by the 'Impact' designers with all partner and funding agency logos visible in the 'call to action' tab at the end of the article.
  4. Full contact details of the project coordinator listed at the end of the article to drive stake holder interaction and future collaboration.
  5. Unrestricted re-use and distribution of the final article for the project partners for dissemination, reprint and hosting on repositories, websites or social media, using when applying for new or European funding etc.
  6. Supply of all text files for the project partners to translate, redistribute and re-use the material locally.
  7. Final approval of the article to be given by the project. "Impact" will not publish anything on the project without written consent from the Action Chair. "Impact" will treat all material received from the project as completely confidential and would be happy to sign an NDA should we require.
  • "Impact" would send interview questions in advance of our Verona meeting so we can discuss these.
  • All materials and printed copies would be available in time for our March meeting in Barcelona.
  • Mr. Brake strongly suggest that we include a call to action at the end of the article highlighting the Science Camp 2017, highlighting that there are also camps that will take place in future years so the flyer does not become dated, and with an opportunity for the stakeholders that receive our publication to register to attend or to receive further information on the camps as they are released.
        • Dissemination of "Impact"
  • “Impact” will be distributed in printed and digital format in February to 35’000 readers worldwide and will be read by all major stakeholders related to the sector within academia, industry, universities, research institutes, national and regional funding agencies, policy, NGOs, government and public sectors and private sector.
  • The publication will also be made available open access on IngentaConnect, the world's largest online scholarly resource (used in 30'000 research and industry libraries and with 1.5 million visits per month).
  • "Impact" is able to supply impact metrics from the IngentaConnect distribution including downloads, shares and reads. These can be provided at time intervals we require in order to assist us with dissemination impact reporting. Here is an example of how an FP7 cancer project article from "Impact" is hosted on IngentaConnect:
  • As a result of the distribution through IngentaConnect the MitoEAGLE article will also be available through Google Scholar, EBSCO Connect, Primo Central, WorldCat Discovery and Summon. This is how the content appears in Google Scholar:
  • The publication is available to read, download and share free of charge at an article and publication level via the "Impact" website and IngentaConnect.

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