UMDF-Power SURGE 2020 Virtual Event

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UMDF-Power SURGE 2020 Virtual Event

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Virtual Event, 2020 Jun 26-27 . Mitochondrial Medicine.

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UMDF (2020-06-26) MitoGlobal

Abstract: Mitochondrial Medicine, Virtual Event, 2020

General information

Each year, the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation brings together clinical and basic science researchers from all over the world sharing an interest in mitochondria. Participants come from many fields, including biochemistry, genetics, neurosciences, cardiology, cancer, diabetes, nephrology, hematology, pediatrics and aging research.
During the symposium, patients and families meet others who, like themselves, are seeking knowledge. They may be parents or an individual with similar experiences or someone that lives close to them. Patient and family attendees are given many opportunities to meet some of the top clinical mitochondrial specialists from around the world.
The symposium encourages the exchange of information and cultivates networking among physicians, researchers, patients and families. A four-day scientific/clinical program and a two-day patient/family program are included.
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have quickly switched gears and have planned a virtual two-day conference, "Power Surge 2020 " to be held June 26 and June 27 instead.


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