LEAK state with oligomycin

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LEAK state with oligomycin


L.jpg The LEAK state with oligomycin is a LEAK state induced by inhibition of ATP synthase by oligomycin. ADP and ATP may or may not be present. LEAK respiration with oligomycin, L(Omy), is distinguished from L(n) and L(T).

Abbreviation: L(Omy)

Reference: BEC 2020.1, Gnaiger 2020 BEC MitoPathways

Communicated by Gnaiger E (2010-10-21) last update 2020-11-11.
LEAK respiration induced by inhibition of ATP synthase by oligomycin (Omy).

The LEAK state of respiration: a concept-linked terminology of respiratory states

Β» More details: LEAK respiration
Β» Compare State 4o.

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